Meet our hero's

Elder Flower & Berry

Do you know which tree is giving beautiful dark purple berries at the moment? This kombucha is made with elderflower tea and elderberry juice.

Elderflower is known to reduce symptoms of flu and boost the immune system. With its pink appearance and bloomy taste, it is a true ode to Summer. 


The newest member of the family; kombucha enriched with mint tea, harvested from Pluktuin De Bosrand. 

The fresh flavour gives a unique combination with the kombucha taste. Mint tea is known to be good for your intestines (just like kombucha itself) and has antibacterial and antiviral properties. The pretty pink colour comes from a tiny bit of hibiscus flower, added to the mint. 

Ginger & Lemon

The old-time favourite; freshly squeezed lemon juice mixed with ginger, giving it the fruity and slightly sharp taste. 

It enriches our raw kombucha with vitamin C and anti-inflammatory properties from the ginger and lemon.


Hibiscus kombucha is made with tea from hibiscus flower leaves, giving this kombucha flavour its royal deep red colour and enriching the kombucha with antioxidants.

The slightly soury touch of hibiscus flower provides this kombucha with some additional flavour, for the ones that like their drink a bit more sour. 

For €5,50 (€4,- for 0,5L kombucha and €1,50 deposit money for the bottle) you can purchase your own kombucha from different locations in Wageningen. 

Kombucha is a healthy alternative for soda. With all the freshness, bubbles and taste, it also has health benefits, less sugar and probiotic properties.


Good to know:

- Always store cool.
Our kombuchas are raw, implying that there has been no pasteurization and still contains a alive culture of bacteria and yeasts. These organisms are responsible for the fermentation. When you store the kombucha in a warm place, this fermentation will continue and increase the pressure inside the bottle; opening it can be with a pop!

- The kombucha of Kombucha Masters Wageningen is made local!
At a working place at Nude (Wageningen) we make the kombucha and distibute it locally in Wageningen by bike. In addition, we work together with Streekwaar members in sourcing our ingredients (see 'I Want Some!' for more info). 

- We love sustainability!
There is deposit money (€1,50) included in the price of our kombucha. When you return your bottle to the location where you've purchased the kombucha, you'll get this deposit money back. These bottles are collected and carefully cleaned in the kombucha working place. In this way, the returned bottles can be used again. 

Also, the label on the bottles is made from recycled paper, and all kombucha's are delivered to the selling point by bike (with a biycle trailer). In this way we try to be as sustainable as possible.  

- You can experiment with our flavours.
Kombucha has a rich sour-sweet flavour, which you either like or not. If you find the taste a bit too overwhelming, try to dilute it with water. For instance half water half kombucha (or a different ratio). Other interesting twists can be made with using it as a cocktail ingredient, or even as a salad dressing with its sourness.