I want some!


We care about making not only a delicious product, but also responsible. We are proud members of the Streekwaar, which connects local food actors around Wageningen and allowed us to create several collaborations with different partners. 


We develop many recipes according to the seasonal ingredients. Check out what is now available in the Streekwaar webshop:

Our raw cane sugar, tea, and hibiscus flower are not produced locally, but are fair trade and organic. Citrus and ginger are also not yet produced locally, but we are working on getting nice providers. Stay tuned!


Elder Flower coming soon

Where can I get some?

You can find our Kombucha in De Gieterij (Junusstraat 10) right in the center of Wageningen.

Alternatively, you can find us at the Salverdaplein on Saturdays, sharing a market stand with  Ivo's Bread and Pizza and BeenBean and the rest of StreekWaar. Come and meet us, we'd love to meet you!